On the Web: Free The Slaves Model for Freedom


“Modern slavery is intricately tied to economic, cultural, and psychological factors. It’s deeply woven into the fabric of an entire society. That’s why we work both to free people from slavery and to change the conditions that allow slavery to persist.”


“Free the Slaves works with grassroots groups, international aid and development institutions, non-governmental organizations, advocacy coalitions, governments, and journalists. Together we’re making a remarkable impact.

In 2013 our programs recorded these results…

  • 3,127 people freed from slavery
  • 18,465 villagers educated on how to protect their families from traffickers
  • 1,157 village and neighborhood groups supported to protect their communities from slavery
  • 1,518 government officials trained on how to more effectively stop slavery
  • 105 traffickers and slaveholders facing legal action”

All the Above is From the Free The Slaves Website:

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