Novica: Helping Artisians Around the World


From Grassroots Business Fund Website:

“Founded in 1999, NOVICA is a mission-driven crafts company that connects artisans in developing nations to a global marketplace. NOVICA sells the artisanal goods through an established structure that includes online, wholesale and direct sales distribution channels. NOVICA is headquartered in Los Angeles and operates a network of regional offices in Brazil, Peru, Mexico, Ghana, Indonesia, Thailand, India, and most recently Guatemala. The regional offices work directly with artisans and fulfill international orders for NOVICA’s retail and wholesale markets.

NOVICA is committed to:

  1. Connect artisans to a global marketplace for socially conscious customers. NOVICA’s regional support includes teams of local experts based in every region they operate that provide artisans with a range of guidance from product development to quality control.
  2. Empower artisans to build a sustainable business from their craft. NOVICA provides its artisans with Microcredit support at 0% interest loans.
  3. Preserve ancient artistic traditions for future generations to enjoy. NOVICA’s local sourcing teams focus on finding the most traditional and unique art, and support the artisans in building viable businesses while maintaining their craft. NOVICA also promotes awareness of endangered traditions through its Keepers of the Arts initiative to celebrate cultural and artistic traditions.” (from
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